What Is #EdBeat? Side 2 (Includes Bonus Tracks)

This particular post was co-written with Natalie Krayenvenger, my #EdBeat Co-Moderator and Collaborator

It has been five months since Sean asked Natalie to be what we both affectionately call “#twitterspouses,” and #EdBeat has continued to reach more and more educators, as well as been extremely fortunate to welcome an amazing and varied lineup of guest moderators. Despite this and our two previous posts explaining our history (https://t.co/VsJWFy6vpF and http://bit.ly/1U5F9Gm ), the question still remains; however, “What IS #EdBeat?!?”


We both look at #EdBeat as the 7-11 of Twitter chats. We serve all and always have a refreshing Slurpee or that pick-me-up cup o’ Joe to offer our bandmates. Instead of posting on the entrance door a sign that reads: “No shirt, No shoes, No service,” our #EdBeat sign reads: “Be positive, Be uplifting, You can do this!”


#Edbeat is the cafeteria table that saves seats for everyone. We have both participated in Twitter chats that just feel like you are not part of the “in-crowd,” or are missing some inside joke. These experiences are deflating and not what we believe Twitter is about, so it is our personal mission to make sure every person who joins the #EdBeat Band feels welcome and is treated like a V.I.P. All educators are invited and celebrated in #EdBeat. We believe that Education is the noblest of professions. It is important that we support and uphold each other like a band would during a live performance.


We are a chat that thrives on celebrating the achievements of our bandmates and are ready to jump right in and support one another when there are bumps in the road.  As Sister Sledge says, “We are family.”


Oh!  we are a chat that makes you playlists!  Talk about a rockin’ takeaway!


For those in need of a description that sounds a little more professional…#EdBeat is an inspirational chat for ALL educators that trends the positive and is hosted by two music geeks who believe education is a profession/calling that should be celebrated and its educators uplifted.  


Don’t just take our word for it!  We asked our amazing and inspiring bandmates to tell us what #EdBeat is to them and below you will find what they had to say.  


Bonus Tracks:


Eric (@mrfieldmanchs) from NJ wrote:

  • Sean has stated #EdBeat is like a 7-11 where everybody gathers to talk & meet up. Well I slightly disagree (in NJ it would be a WAWA!).  To me #EdBeat it’s more like the bar in Cheers. It’s a place like home, where everybody knows your name. It’s a spot where even new band members can relax and be welcomed and be comfortable. It’s a place where like-minded people can share common interests, get honest, and if necessary tough, but constructive feedback. #Edbeat is a spot where one can be comforted when down, and slapped on the back when he/she has accomplished something noteworthy (like getting through a hard day, reaching that difficult student, or executing a successful lesson). It’s not a self-massaging,”Aren’t we all the best“ hiding place, but is supportive, loving, positive and real. It’s a place of friendship and professional development. And, it has more cowbell than any place I know.

Sara (@SaraHolmTeacher) from NV wrote:

  • Sean and Natalie are positive, they incorporate lines from music into their replies, they affirm participation and mistakes, and I feel at home. #EdBeat is a place for positivity with a beat on Twitter.

LaVonna (@LaVonnaRoth) from FL wrote:

  • Every single day it is important to find a way to stay connected and surrounded by those that align with your philosophy while pushing you to be creative, think in a different way and cherish the value you bring. #EdBeat provides that opportunity through a weekly chat and an online presence, which allows me to keep the beat going, moving forward and deciding what instrument I want to play that week!

Michelle (@MichelleLewis70) from IA wrote:

  • #EdBeat is a group of people who support, encourage and inspire each other.  The chat challenges us to think about how we impact each other and students.  Just like the beat of song keeps it going, Natalie and Sean keep us going.  #EdBeat Studios has truly changed me.  Each day I listen to and from school. It gives me moment to feel connected to something bigger than just my world.

Jennifer (@jenladd) from MI voxed:

  • Edbeat means feeling like I belong to something bigger than just a PLN. Edbeat is more like a movement of all things positive- the positive I, as a teacher, want, need, and expect to see in education. My #edbeat band is supportive when I need it to be and they give me a push when I need that too. The band is full of real, inspiring educators who strive to make a difference and look to pick each other up when necessary. It is not lost on me how lucky I am to be a part of the Edbeat band!

Christy (@christypost9) from CT wrote:

  • “You got this!  We believe in you.” That is what #EdBeat is all about.  It is about having each other’s back and believing in one another.  It is about encouraging others when there is nothing to gain.  It is about finding a group with the same beliefs about kids and sharing ideas and hopes for the next day.  It is about trust and friendship without ever meeting.  It is about respect.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you all day every day!

Larry (@TechCoachZ from NJ wrote:

  • Sean and Natalie have developed a community of encouraging and uplifting educators who empower one another to share their thoughts openly and without fear of judgment. Through these discussions, even the most discouraged and downtrodden educator can be inspired and energized; their passions reignited. Not only do Natalie and Sean host this inspirational chat, they work tirelessly to develop engaging topics, involve amazing guest moderators, and ensure every participant has a voice and a place in each discussion. In addition to Twitter, Natalie and Sean nurture the community through their extraordinary blog posts and Voxer chats. And since the #EdBeat band is tuned to the transformative power of music, Spotify playlists have been created to supercharge any day, even a #CelebrateMonday.

Elisabeth Bostwick (@ElisaBostwick) from NY wrote:

  • #EdBeat is an eclectic chat with a diverse variety of educators who come together each Wednesday evening to uplift, grow, and challenge each other’s thinking. This is a chat where energy vibrantly flows and educators synergize. #EdBeat feels like a family gathering where the music is pumping, and everyone greets one another with open arms. I’m fortunate to be able to partake in #EdBeat, and incredibly honored to have guest-moderated on the topic of Culture of Innovation in the Classroom. Some people refer to Wednesday as hump day, whereas I am cheering that it’s time for #EdBeat! To me, #EdBeat is an insightful part of my week, and an excellent dose of inspiration combined with tight knit friendships.

Sandy (@sandeeteach) from UT wrote:

  • I don’t get to participate in the weekly #EdBeat chat very often because of my schedule. But, connecting with the band members has infused a daily rhythm of positivity. These are educators who are passionate about education and inspire kids to discover their gifts and talents. Through daily/weekly collaboration, these leaders are making a difference! They hear a “different drummer” and step to the music they hear. #EdBeat is changing the public perception of education! I’m grateful and inspired by the collective energy of this group.


Encore/Thank You

  • Music only gets better when it resonates with its listeners, and subsequently reaches new heights when those listeners find one another.  Together we revel in our love of the music, share memories, and create new experiences.  For these reasons alone, #EdBeat would be nothing without its amazing band members.  Whether you have never missed a jam session, jumped in every now and then, or only riffed with us once, we are eternally grateful for you.


Rock on,

Natalie and Sean


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