“It’s O.K.”: Perspective When You Don’t Blog Everyday

Time to pull the needle off the record for I have not blogged everyday. There has been a swarm of guilt because I was exhilarated by the #AprilBlogADay Challenge. It has been inspiring to peer into the cool world of Twitter Pals and New Friends accepting the Blog Challenge. It was like I had found fellow knights on the same quest I was stumbling along in the darkness. A inner light had been cast when the switch was flipped in the #AprilBlogADay Challenge.

I have fallen off the trail for the last few days. Technically, I still blog everyday with the Wiley Morning Memo Blog. This particular blog of “Principal Liner Notes” is special. This is an oasis for my reflections, musings and dreams. My #Read4Fun Pal and Teammate, Connie Rockow, wrote about this dilemma a few days ago. She also provided a very eloquent Vox in our #Read4Fun Team Group. Her inspiration is something for which I am grateful and helps with my perspective on the matter.

It is important as a school leader to be in the moment. Too often, I am distracted and appear listless because I am too much in tune with my surroundings. It is a pitfall for striving to be a 360 Leader. Deadlines and other priorities overshadow the important ones. In this case, my little reflective blog went to the wayside.

The good thing with #AprilBlogADay is that there is not a score being kept. The inspiration is still burning brightly and I am still up for the challenge.


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