Why Liner Notes?

The title of this blog is “Principal Liner Notes.” In order to clarify, I wanted to explain a little of the origin of the title.

My current role is Middle School Principal. That takes care of the first word.

The next two words may show my age, but they connect to my passion for music. I am most at home in a used record store rifling through tattered gems by The Beatles, John Coltrane or the vastly underrated, Baja Marimba Band. Being in a record store is like visiting a lost city or being on a Knights of the Round Table Quest.

Liner Notes refer to those blurbs on a record album usually located on the back cover. They were particularly popular in the 1950s’s and 1960’s. The Liner Notes may provide some kind of razzle-dazzle PR hype about the musicians or they could be more abstract in nature. For example, Bob Dylan was known for including some of his Beat-inspired poetry as his form of Liner Notes. Some of  Frank Sinatra’s albums have very articulate Liner Notes about the mood or setting of the album. John Coltrane provided an accompanying prayer for his landmark “A Love Supreme” album.

Regardless, I am music geek and I devour anything vinyl. Albums can be artistic and conceptual statements which take a listener on journey. Sometimes Liner Notes can enhance the listening experience on that audio journey.

My fantasy job is to write Liner Notes for albums someday. May this blog serve as a sampling of the journey I am taking as an educator and administrator. Sometimes these Principal Liner Notes may hit the mark or leave one with a quizzical glance. I am honored to share my reflections along the way and connect with you during the #AprilBlogADay Challenge.


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