A Giant Step into #AprilBlogADay

Today, I am taking a giant step into a new realm of reflection. I am accepting the challenge with the #AprilBlogADay Writing Journey.

Typically, I reserve my blogging for informational updates and reminders on the Wiley Weekly Memo Blog. When I started that particular Blog about five years ago, my purpose was to communicate information to the faculty. It helped to saving me write numerous emails and banal memos. The more I got into the groove of writing on the Wiley Blog, I found that it provided me time to reflect upon details of an upcoming week or day. Faculty Colleagues would take me for the informational nature of the blog and I would be grateful for the comments.

Then, I discovered that the blog was more for me as a source for reflection. The daily grind of the principalship does not provide many outlets for contemplation. I found myself looking forward to writing the weekly blog so much that I began to write a morning memo version.

Closing in on six years in my role as principal, I find that cherished reflective time is fleeting. Occasionally, I would fit in my school blog a musing on a quote or brief reflective paragraph. I found that I needed a deeper outlet for those sparks of reflections.

Connecting with colleagues and new friends on Twitter has given me the courage to take a giant step into exploring more reflective blogging and I am grateful for the support and example of PLN folks like Connie Rockow, Rachel Lawrence, Megan Morgan and Melissa Smith. Their respective blogs inspire and challenge me to grow as an educator. I would not know about the #AprilBlogADay activity if it were not for their sincere and noteworthy example.

I must also give a nod to a host of new connections in the #Read4Fun Team. I am grateful for the teamwork and support of my new #Read4Fun teammates: Connie Rockow, Lena Marie Rockwood and Jennifer Williams. I have learned through those three friends that “Good Brings Good.”

It’s time to look on the “B”-Side of the record and explore the inner grooves of the music I play as an educator, teammate, colleague and principal.


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